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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1169102591512623732627394169Shahzad AlamConcordia OC2017/2018B3 Grade2 1Brighton
2101128131612623732627281101Najam U HassanConcordia OC2017/2018Sportscentre A3 Grade6 1Golden Grove
39910824851262373262731099Jonathon OliverConcordia OC2017/2018Sportscentre A3 Grade11 2Trinity College Old Scholars
4871113951262373262741587Bjorn PedersonConcordia OC2017/2018B3 Grade6 1Pooraka
5869928621262373262982786*Toby CostiConcordia OC2017/2018LO Division 418 1Gepps Cross
6821113951262373262739482Bjorn PedersonConcordia OC2017/2018B3 Grade2 1Brighton
7821113951262373262739882Bjorn PedersonConcordia OC2017/2018B3 Grade3 1Athelstone
8771113951262373262740477*Bjorn PedersonConcordia OC2017/2018B3 Grade4 1Woodville Rechabite
9769953701262373262739876Brodie WilkinsonConcordia OC2017/2018B3 Grade3 1Athelstone
107610259151262373262728176Shahzad AlamConcordia OC2017/2018Sportscentre A3 Grade6 1Golden Grove
117312813161262373268795173*Najam U HassanConcordia OC2017/2018City Holden Smash Div 2 Group 33 1Reynella
12709873671262373262974270*Atir H KhanConcordia OC2017/2018LO Division 44 1Adelaide University
136910259151262373262730069Shahzad AlamConcordia OC2017/2018Sportscentre A3 Grade9 2Old Ignatians
14641113621262373262730464*Daniel BarkerConcordia OC2017/2018Sportscentre A3 Grade10 2Brahma Lodge
156410259151262373283785264Shahzad AlamConcordia OC2017/2018City Holden Smash T20 Finals Div 21 1Kilburn
166410824851262373262725064Jonathon OliverConcordia OC2017/2018Sportscentre A3 Grade1 1Pulteney OS
17632589161262373262981463*Aden MiegelConcordia OC2017/2018LO Division 416 1Multicultural Sports and Community Club
18631113831262373262976063*Everard KriegConcordia OC2017/2018LO Division 47 1International Cricketers Club SA
196310259151262373262726263Shahzad AlamConcordia OC2017/2018Sportscentre A3 Grade3 1Gepps Cross
20581113621262373262726258Daniel BarkerConcordia OC2017/2018Sportscentre A3 Grade3 1Gepps Cross
21572589161262373262979557Aden MiegelConcordia OC2017/2018LO Division 412 1Unley
225710259151262373268795057Shahzad AlamConcordia OC2017/2018City Holden Smash Div 2 Group 32 1Unley ta Gunners
23549928621262373262982054Toby CostiConcordia OC2017/2018LO Division 417 1Adelaide University
245012813161262373262728650*Najam U HassanConcordia OC2017/2018Sportscentre A3 Grade7 2Sacred Heart Old Collegians
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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